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Gravenhurst Academy



(Incorporating History, Geography, Art and Design & Technology)

All of these subjects are taught in a cross-curricular way through topics. We feel that this way of teaching keeps the learning exciting and enables children to see the links between different areas. We aim to start each topic with a ‘Wow’ day which introduces the children to the topic in a fun and exciting way. We have at least 3 visits from North Herts. Museum each year, as well as extra artefacts from them, to help bring the topics to life.  We have a robust monitoring system in place to ensure that all the necessary skills and knowledge are taught. Wherever possible children are also able to apply their learning using the Chrome books.

Music is taught discretely using Charanga. Every week we have a piece of music by a famous composer in each assembly for the children to listen to and recognise.  We also have a weekly singing assembly.  There are also opportunities for children to learn to play the piano and recorder.