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Gravenhurst Academy

Sports Premium

The Government is providing additional funding to improve the provision of physical education in Primary Schools – this funding is ring-fenced and can only be spent on improving the provision of PE and sport.
At the beginning of this academic year we have plans in place to provide

  • Continue to be part of Redborne Sports Partnership, giving us access to festivals and competitions, sports leadership training, afterschool club, staff training.
  • Purchase additional sports equipment – throwing and catching equipment
  • Subsides swimming for KS1 and KS2
  • Update staff training

Outcomes for PE

Joining the School Sports Partnership this enables all KS1 & 2 pupils to take part in competitions and sports festivals.  Our KS2 Kwik cricket team came third in the area competition- pre-pandemic! We receive support for our Year 4 pupils to train to be Sports Leaders, and they are able to help with PE and inter school competitions. Also, through the sports partnership we have lunch clubs which enable children to be active and try new sports. This is very popular with our children. The school has achieved the Silver kite mark for PE.

We are able to purchase new equipment and identify needs each year. 

Swimming took place during the Spring term 2022 and the majority of KS1 and KS2 pupils were able to swim. However, it also encouraged those who were worried about swimming to have more confidence when getting into the pool. 18 of the 40 pupils were able to swim 25m or more.

Staff have previously received training on TAG rugby and Kwik cricket. By providing a dance teacher, the KS1 teacher was able to observe and develop her understanding about teaching dance. It also gave the pupils the opportunity to be taught by a specialist dance teacher. 

The funding allows us to hire to the village hall for PE lessons, and painting a track for sports day.