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Gravenhurst Academy


The following BEST policies can be found here.

  • Admissions Policy
  • Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Reserves Policy
  • Charging Remission Policy
  • Confidential Reporting Policy
  • Cookies Policy 
  • Freedom of Information
  • GDPR Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • Privacy Policies (Pupil & Parent / Carer)
  • Safeguarding Statement
  • Safer Working Practice
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children
  • Equality Policy

If you require any information or copies of these policies please contact us. 

  1. Download
    Assessment Marking and Presentation Policy
    PDF File
  2. Download
    Behaviour Policy
    PDF File
  3. Download
    Children Looked After 2019
    PDF File
  4. Download
    Complaints 2020
    PDF File
  5. Download
    Computing Policy
    PDF File
  6. Download
    Computing Security
    PDF File
  7. Download
    Confidentiality Policy
    PDF File
  8. Download
    COVID-19 Behaviour management and discipline Addendum
    PDF File
  9. Download
    COVID-19 school reopening arrangements for behaviour management and discipline
    PDF File
  10. Download
    Display Screen Policy
    PDF File
  11. Download
    Early Years Policy 2019
    PDF File
  12. Download
    Education visits and Journeys 2019
    PDF File
  13. Download
    Equality Objectives Action Plan 2020-2021.docx
    PDF File
  14. Download
    ESafeguarding Policy
    PDF File
  15. Download
    Exclusion Statutory Guidance
    PDF File
  16. Download
    Gravenhurst Teaching and Learning Policy
    PDF File
  17. Download
    Home School Agreement
    PDF File
  18. Download
    How we promote British Values
    PDF File
  19. Download
    Lone Working Policy
    PDF File
  20. Download
    Mathematics Policy
    PDF File
  21. Download
    No Smoking Policy
    PDF File
  22. Download
    Positive Behaviour Policy 2020
    PDF File
  23. Download
    Progressions in Calculation Policy
    PDF File
  24. Download
    Remote Education information to parents
    PDF File
  25. Download
    Remote Learning Policy 2020
    PDF File
  26. Download
    Safeguarding Addendum 1- COVID-19 GHA
    PDF File
  27. Download
    Safeguarding Policy_Sept 2020
    PDF File
  28. Download
    Safeguarding Policy_Sept 2020_Update March '21
    PDF File
  29. Download
    SEND policy 2021
    PDF File
  30. Download
    Sexual Relationship and Education
    PDF File
  31. Download
    Staff Induction
    PDF File
  32. Download
    Supporting a Pupil with Medical Needs 2021
    PDF File
  33. Download
    Website policy
    PDF File
  34. Download
    Attendance 2021 GHA
    PDF File
  35. Download
    Anti-bullying Policy 2021
    PDF File
  36. Download
    Accessibility Plan
    PDF File
  37. Download
    GHA 15th-May-2021-Reopening-HS-Covid19-Risk-Assessment
    PDF File
  38. Download
    National Tutoring CV19 Catch-Up Premium Grid.LVA & GHA 2docx
    PDF File
  39. Download
    GHA Positive Behaviour Policy 2021
    PDF File